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    The Apotheosis Project is now available - a budget adventure game to keep you amused over these shorter days and colder nights! As we work to continue to re-publish Midian's games with full English voice acting, there are lots of other games also in production. Why not have a look around?

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    The Apotheosis Project

    Brand new budget adventure game by Midian Design - available now!

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    The Samaritan Paradox

    Brand new point & click adventure by Faravid Interactive - available now!

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    The Samaritan Paradox


    F A R A V I D   I N T E R A C T I V E
    A writer has died, his daughter seeks your help - did he really kill himself? What was his secret novel hiding?
    It's up to Ord Salomon to crack codes and decipher secrets in this new detective drama. Enter the book world & find a lost fortune...

    Also available from:  

    Buy   Demo (85mb)   Official Website

    The Cat Lady

    HORROR DRAMA - BESTSELLER!         English only

    H A R V E S T E R   G A M E S
    Susan is trying to escape, trusting no-one other than her cats. But even in death she will be pestered, but by who, and why?
    For players 18+ only! "4.5 out of 5. Amazing story that maturely delves into raw human emotion" - Adventure Gamers. Read...

    Gutwrenching tension, powerful pacing, superb soundtrack & voice cast make the tale of The Cat Lady simply unmissable!

    Also available from:  

    Buy   Demo (303mb)   Official Website



    H A R V E S T E R   G A M E S
    A remake of the 2009 game by R. Michalski - updated with all new graphics, detailed animations, full soundtracks by micAmic & vocal artists plus long awaited voice acting - starring Jesse Gun as Joe Davis. The remake will feature the same mechanics and gameplay style as The Cat Lady - so no mouse required! In English and additional languages, available from us, GOG, Steam and other major online retailers the Downfall remake is not to be missed!


    HORROR - 2016-2017

    H A R V E S T E R   G A M E S
    Third game after Downfall and The Cat Lady by Harvester Games. Production is expected to begin after the release of Downfall in 2015. More details to follow...


    MYSTERY DRAMA - Q4 2015

    A P E   M A R I N A
    Alfred thinks he has found a cushy job as the custodian of a private library. But when otherworldly forces intrude, he must abandon his career path & work to save the very heart and soul of what makes humanity what it is. More details to follow...

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    The Apotheosis Project


    M I D I A N   D E S I G N
    Two agents are about to learn of their involvement in Project Apotheosis, as they cross dimensions & explore for answers.
    YOU are in control - enjoy dual character control, high resolution art, animations, original music & full English voice acting. Read a review

    Also available from:

    Don't forget to try the free demo! Can you discover all the hidden points as you unravel the purpose of The Apotheosis Project?
    Official Website   Free Demo (172mb)

    Doc Apocalypse

    SCI-FI DRAMA - COMING Q1 2015  

    M I D I A N   D E S I G N
    Professor Lewis Higgins has invented a cloud-busting machine and is about to put it to the test.
    But when it rips a hole into another dimension and wreaks great havoc on Earth, the aplty nicknamed Doc Apocalypse is determined to travel back in time and correct his mistakes.
    Many rooms to explore, full English voice acting and lots of apocalyptic adventure game fun to be had - coming soon!

    Nancy The Happy Whore

    The all new Deluxe edition of the comedy retro-styled point & click adventure by Technocrat Games.
    Originally released with Summerbatch, Nancy The Happy Whore (by the creator of Technobabylon) caught gamers attention when it was first released in 2012.

    Pixel art and animation, music and voice acting make this an exciting game. There are some tongue in cheek sexual references so Nancy is not suitable for younger players.
    Official Website   Watch Trailer

    Summerbatch (Volume 1)

    Developers from AGS bring you a selection of quality original adventure games. The pay-what-you-want sale has now ended.
    Help Nancy The Happy Whore in the Perfidious Petrol Station, meet some strange locals in Patchwork and find freedom in Jailbreak!

    Sorry, sales of this product have ended.

    This collection of 5 new games also includes ocean-based comedy point n' click Barely Floating and fantasy adventure PISS!
    Sorry, sales of this product have ended.

      Visit The Official Website

    A Night At Camp Ravenwood

    Prepare to be terrified as you journey deep within the forests and caves of Camp Ravenwood in this spectacular retro point & click!
    Can you face the terrors within & help the Scouts rescue their friends & put an end to the strange goings on at the campsite?

    Developer Micheal Cross enjoys classic point & click games & mentions Earthbound & Mother 3 as big influences on Ravenwood.
    "I'm definitely planning multiple endings..."

    Visit The Official Website

    Over 50 hand-drawn rooms to explore, an original retro soundtrack, animated characters & cutscenes all in classic low-res style make it a must-have budget game from Screen 7!

    Kinky Island

    Help Joey discover the secret of Kinky Island as this parody point & click adventure takes you back to the turn of the millenium!
    Full of slapstick, humor, puzzles and nudity - Kinky Island is an adult adventure that pokes fun at sexuality in adventure games.

    Designer Mark Lovegrove has been working on the game after a conversation about how well sex based AGS games might sell.
    "What happens on the island stays on the island!"

    Visit The Official Website

    There are 30 plus hand-drawn rooms to explore, high quality pixel animations, a full retro soundtrack and references and nods to point & click games of the 90's. Come and see Kinky Island for yourself !!

    Captain Disaster

    Join the Captain on his adventures, delivering cargo across the universe. It seems his latest package is of interest to others...
    Suitable for all the family with many fun puzzles and full voice acting. For kids and adults alike! Currently in development.

    Designer Dave Seaman is a father and game developer, adapting his earlier written work into the game.
    "Be assured that we are making progress!"

    Download Demo     Visit The Official Website

    There are many rooms to explore, characters to meet, animations and a vibrant soundtrack. Not forgetting the humor and charm of the Captain himself! Why not try the demo now for free?

    Oz Orwell: Crawling Chaos


  • Downfall

    The original Harvester Games adventure by writer R. Michalski. Game contains scenes of violence, sexual content & strong language.
    From the creator of The Cat Lady, Downfall is a highly rated and enjoyed game. Play for free the original 2009 edition! Read a review

    Download - 188mb Website

    Many rooms to explore, a gripping soundtrack (included in OGG format for your listening pleasure) & visual flare will enthrall & scare you on your way - now for free as a remake is in production.

    This game features violence, adult themes and fear - it is not suitable for players under 18. Thank you for keeping younger players safe.
    If you bought Downfall from us (before 01/Sep/2014) then you will be sent a special discount on the remake shortly before its release. We are greatful to our distribution partners and working with them in hope they can offer you the same if you purchased Downfall from them.

    Heroine's Quest


    C R Y S T A L   S H A R D
    A Heroine is summoned to stand against the forces & end the lasting winter. Her might, sorcery, & cunning may be humanity’s last resort.
    With multiple character classes and several solutions to many puzzles for further replayability, are you up to the task, or will you die trying?

    ~ WINNER OF 11 AGS AWARDS 2013 ~

    Developer Crystal Shard also released the free game A Tale Of Two Kingdoms. More information and games can be found at their official website! Heroine's Quest is 100% free so go ahead, get it:

    Steam Download - 550mb Website

      LANGUAGES: English, Hungarian
      REQUIRES: XP,Vista,7,8, 600mb HDD space, DirectX 9.0, Mouse, Sound Card

    Unga Needs Mumba

    Journey back in time and help cave man Unga feed his hungry wife with the catch of the day - the mighty Mumba, in this free game!
    You'll meet crazy characters, solve perplexing prehistoric puzzles and take to the plains to hunt this favorable meal!

    Developer Tino Bensing put a lot of work into creating a smooth & stylish adventure game.
    "It's good to catch a mammoth - if you can keep it for yourself."

    Download - 61mb

    A classic low-res look and feel with animated characters & cutscenes, retro soundtrack, funny writing and enjoyable puzzles - a must have for every free point & click fan!
      LANGUAGES: English
      REQUIRES: Win XP, 82mb HD space, Mouse, Sound Card

    Blue Cup Golf: Adventure


    Deep Hope



    gffgf - EARLY 2014

    Space Pool Alpha

    Take to the pool table in this exciting arcade game that's full of thrust! A brand new take on the way us Earthlings play pool...
    It's simple - use your ship to collect the cue ball, thrust, aim and fire to pot the remaining balls & beat your opponent!

    The game by Steve McCrea was nominated for best non-adventure game in the 2010 AGS Awards. See it for yourself - as one player said:
    "Highly addictive, play at your own risk!"

    Download - 2mb

    The game features a tutorial to help you get used to the controls, a time attack mode, tournament and two player mode - so you can challenge your best mate! Best of all, it's free to download & play.
      LANGUAGES: English
      REQUIRES: Win XP, 2mb HD space, Mouse, Sound Card

    The Visitor

    Danny lives in New York, and on this night a strange visitor is about to land in his back yard! Find out who in this free game.
    Control Danny as he finds a way to complete his chores and investigate. You'll also take on the role of the mystery visitor!

    Developer Nick Garafola makes his debut with The Visitor. He's also working on a sequel, coming soon at Screen 7!
    "Happy adventuring and thanks again."

    Download - 114mb

    A bunch of hand-drawn rooms and animations will suck you in to this well made point & click adventure. Free to download and play, it's not to be missed!
      LANGUAGES: English
      REQUIRES: Win XP, 200mb HD space, Mouse, Sound Card
    Visit The Official Website

    The Visitor 2

    Alien Agent Moss returns, and now he's famous after telling the wild tale of his antics in the first outing of The Visitor...
    When another saucer goes down on Earth, Special Agent Moss is sent in. Will the lies behind his fame help or hinder him?

    Developer Nick Garafola extends the story in The Visitor 2, with the same great look & feel of the original!
    "Happy adventuring and thanks again."

    Download - 43mb

    Lots of hand-drawn rooms and animations will pull you in to this well made point & click adventure. Free to download and play, it's not to be missed!
      LANGUAGES: English
      REQUIRES: Win XP, 150mb HD space, Mouse, Sound Card
    Visit The Official Website
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    Why not treat yourself to a limited edition album of music from our video games? Support the music artists and the developers and of course, enjoy the fantastic tunes!

    Add CD audio to Cart The Cat Lady Album
    Collector's album of haunting tracks from the game by Warmer, 5iah & Tears Of Mars.

    12 tracks. Includes instant link to digital version.
    Total runtime: approx. 50:19 More info at the official website.

    Add CD audio to Cart The Cat Lady Ultimate Original VG Soundtrack
    Digital version of the soundtrack by MICAMIC, Pal Hjornevik and Richard Henley. Run time 102 mins.

    Add CD audio to Cart The Cat Lady: Music From The Video Game
    Digital version of the haunting album with songs by Warmer, 5iah & Tears Of Mars. Run time 50 mins.

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  • About Us

    Inspired by adventures

    We've been making games since 1997 and have a particular love of retro adventure games. We develop games in-house and try and help publish others. We also work on audio and music, so let us know if you need a soundtrack. We've worked with a lot of talented people and hope to continue to bring their excellent creations to your desktop...

    History of Screen 7

    Back in the 90's when we were kids some of the most popular games of the era included point and click adventure games. Of course, we loved all kinds of games and it wasn't long before 3D really took over and became mainstream. Inspired by the games industry a bunch of friends designed simple game projects as a hobby.

    By 1997, founder Mark Lovegrove decided it would be worth forming a studio entirely focussed on point & click game development. Around this time he began making games under the name "Screen 7", a particular low-res screen resolution used for Broken Glass, his first point & click adventure. As more people got involved, over the years Screen 7 improved to produce quality graphic adventure games for all ages. We're interested in expanding further, so who knows where we'll be in a few years time?

    Staying creative and objective

    Screen 7 isn't all about "old school point & click adventures". We hold events, make music, sometimes videos and films - and are constantly looking for new challenges and ways to be a better business. We're always looking to help others and have a number of schemes to accomplish this.

    What's important to us is that we evolve and inspire, play fair and bring good quality to the table. So if you have any ideas for us, spectacular visions or blood cursed omen's you think we should know about, get in touch! We like to think outside the box, and we hope you'll enjoy the adventure with us!

  • Sell a game with us

    Digital distribution

    We sell DRM free games from our website and promotional game websites. If you have a game in production, we can help you get it finished, distribute it over the internet, reach lots of potential buyers and give you a fair percentage on profits (up to 80%). Interested? Contact us right away!

    No matter what kind of game, we're open to all interest. We specialise in point & click adventures but welcome all creative ideas. We do ask that your games distributable files include everything needed for the player to run (ie does not need to download an engine etc).

    Furthermore - we only ask for exclusivity of sales for games that we help finish up. So if you've made the whole game yourself and it's ready to sell, you'll get a higher percentage of profits. We're more than happy for your game to be sold elsewhere - in fact, we'd like to help you with that!

    What about hard copies?

    We can produce single or multi-disc sets, Screen 7 or you can supply the artwork and disc contents and our payment processor handles the rest. DVD's can be shipped worldwide for free, but there is a minimum price. We can also help with manuals/documentation. We grade our games as follows:

      Voice pack, characters should be fully voiced
      Translations where possible, it should offer multiple languages
      Quality graphics, strong atmosphere, sounds & music
      Gameplay exceeding 5 hours

      Strong writing, developed characters
      Good atmosphere with sound effects & music
      Gameplay roughly 1-5 hours

    Ready to give it a go? Contact us now with your game details!

  • List of products in 2015

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      Add to Cart   Apotheosis Project, The - Special Agent Deal
      Add to Cart   Apotheosis Project, The - DRM free + OST
      Add to Cart   Cat Lady, The - Teacup Special Deal
      Add to Cart   Cat Lady, The - Mitzi's Meal Deal
      Item is not on sale   Cat Lady, The - Susan's Ego Deal Discontinued
      Add to Cart   Cat Lady, The - 900 Lives Deal
      Add to Cart   Cat Lady, The - DRM free + OST
      Add to Cart   Cat Lady, The - 1 disc DVD-rom
      Item is not on sale   Cat Lady, The - 2 disc Set Discontinued
      Add to Cart   Cat Lady, The - 5 disc set
      Add to Cart   Cat Lady, The - No frills DVD-rom disc only
      Item is not on sale   Downfall - Quiet Haven Deal Now freeware
      Item is not on sale   Downfall - DRM free + OST Now freeware
      Add to Cart   Nancy The Happy Whore - Slap Happy Deal
      Add to Cart   Nancy The Happy Whore - DRM free + OST
      Add to Cart   Samaritan Paradox, The - Cryptologist Deal
      Add to Cart   Samaritan Paradox, The - Good Samaritan Deal
      Add to Cart   Samaritan Paradox, The - DRM Free
      Add to Cart   Samaritan Paradox, The - 1 disc DVD-rom
      Item is not on sale   Summerbatch Volume 1 Discontinued

      Add to Cart   Cat Lady, The - Original Video Game Soundtrack Digital
      Item is not on sale   Cat Lady, The - Original Video Game Soundtrack CD Album
      Add to Cart   Cat Lady, The - Music From The Video Game Digital
      Add to Cart   Cat Lady, The - Music From The Video Game CD Album

      Item is not on sale   AdventureX VIP Key Card
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    Most of our games require DirectX 9.0 to play. Sound & graphics issues may occur without it.

      Problem initializing graphics mode

    If you have an error "This graphics mode is not supported" then you'll need to adjust the screen settings for the game. Go to "game configuration" from your Start menu or find the folder with the game files and run "winsetup.exe". From there, lower or raise the "graphics filter" and click "Save and run" to try again. Note: Not all our games allow this adjustment.

      Sound or music not playing

    Using the "game configuration" or by running "winsetup.exe" from your game files folder, you can also adjust the primary source for playing back sound and music. You may need to use the option to "Disable MIDI" with some soundcards. Also check your speakers are not muted.

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      Game crashes

    Oops, sorry! If you saw an error message before or after the game crash, please make a note of it and get in touch with us. We do everything possible before releasing a game to be sure it won't crash and apologize if you have found an error. We will try to fix it for an update.

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    If the download does not complete or you have similar problems, or any order or payment related questions please get in touch with us. We also do our best to resolve any issues within 7 working days.

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    Perhaps you're stuck in one of the games, need a hint or some tips to keep you progressing? Feel free to get in touch and we'll try and provide you with some pointers!

    Please remember to tell us which game you're playing, your transaction ID if applicable and any error messages you may encounter when you get in touch! We aim to respond within 48 hours. Due to volume of email we typically only reply to support/business matters.

  • The demo is just around the corner, and will be available from Saturday 15th September 2012.


  • Radio guide - now playing:

    Press play for a selection of new music, tracks from our games and featured music by friends. Do you have a track for us to feature? Get in touch! We update the playlist several times a year. We hope you enjoy the music. Please support the artists and follow the website links!

    "The Bubble" - Human Pyramids (06:11)

    Human Pyramids, the explosive & uplifting orchestral ensemble led by multi-instrumentalist Paul Russell, was raised in an old mining village in Scotland. Now based in London and championed by BBC Introducing, the self-produced debut album "Planet Shhh!" will be released April 28th on Three Mile Town Records. Website - BandCamp

    "The Samaritan Theme" - Lannie Neely (01:30)

    The theme track for the upcoming adventure game by Faravid Interactive, available from us in March! The full soundtrack comes included in OGG format with the game.

    "Smoke Break" - Chox-Mak fr. DJ YRS Jerzy (02:50)

    Some explicit lyrics. Chox-Mak and DJ YRS Jerzy deliver another classic to the people that follow their movement "90's Flow". Smoke Break has a chill laid back sound brought to you by Canada's own North Villah. It is sure to be a classic for everyone that enjoy's a good smoke break. Twitter - YouTube

    "Susan's Blue Sheep (alone again)" - Richard Henley (02:46)

    From The Cat Lady Ultimate Original Video Game Soundtrack which is now available on iTunes and Spotify, and many other digital stations. Here's a haunting piece from Chapter 1.

    "Final Destination" - Chox-Mak fr. DJ YRS Jerzy (04:09)

    There will be alot more coming from Chox-Mak and DJ YRS Jerzy in the future. This track symbolizes hard work, dedication and teamwork to make the dream work. Final Destination is another way of saying that they have been through so much and now they are finally seeing things head in the right direction. Twitter - YouTube

    Want even more? Enjoy our Spotify selection (requires Spotify), featuring classic hits, chill-out tunes and tracks from our favorite soundtracks. Got a request, or your own work for us to feature? Get in touch!
  • Featured Videos

    New year videos thanks to include Charles Cecil talking at AdventureX (December 2013) and an interview with Luis from Fictiorama Studios from the same event.

  • Jingle bells, Cat Lady smells, Ord Salomon flew away

    First things first - have you played our new game, The Apotheosis Project? We're supporting indie studio Midian Design, an Italian developer by re-releasing many of his games with voice acting. In the coming months we will have Doc Apocalypse ready and hopefully the original Oz Orwell (The Crawling Chaos) and a brand new Oz Orwell game (The Exorcist)! Thank you for your support and for purchasing from us.

    Perhaps you've missed our Facebook statuses, Tweets and newsletters (sign up on the News page!) but if you hadn't heard already, Downfall remake is well in production and has just been Greenlit on Steam! We've added a coming soon page to the website under Premier Games. And if that's not enough - the ORIGINAL Downfall (2009) is now FREEWARE! Yes - that's right, click our Free Games tab and download Harvester Games' original point & click for free!

    We have also just released a special 5 disc set for The Cat Lady. It includes some extra bonuses, soundtrack audio CD's and Downfall (2009). You can buy it now from The Cat Lady website (under "Buy Now"). We've also introduced a new shipping option perfect for international customers - Priority gets your package to you usually in under 10 days time, and has tracking to monitor progress!

    AdventureX is set to return this year on December 6th and 7th in an all new venue - London South Bank University (at the Keyworth Centre). All the details including who is speaking, exhibiting and so forth can be found at the official website - Special guest Jon Hare will join us, there will be fun and games with Ali Beckett-King and lots of games to see and play! Join us in December - it's free!!

    A wintry but warm CONGRATS to P. Ljungqvist & the birth of baby Ljungqvist! HELLO & THANKS to Siobhan T, Donna P, Jesse G, D. Cagliari, R. Michalski, Cristina, Arjon, Azure, AGA, Tom C, J Hare & Andy Lemon!

    Stay warm this winter - thank you for stopping by and we hope you have a wonderful Christmas and New Year. Don't forget to join us & many other devs & fans at AdventureX! Look out for our special Xmas promotions. Til then, thank you for reading and stay safe & well!

    -- Mark J. Lovegrove CEO

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    Privacy Policy.
    We do not store credit card details nor do we share customer details with any 3rd parties. Our website does not use cookies. The only information we store is that relating to the date, time and nature of your transaction with us - so that we can help you resolve any future issues relating to your purchase. Our sub-sites do not use cookies or store information of any kind.

    Delivery Policy.
    Digital products are delivered immediately via electronic mail (email). Non-digital orders are processed, manufactured & shipped by Trepstar Inc, USA. Deliveries are made worldwide by USPS. Delivery time frame is 5 to 25 days, and up to 4 weeks maximum. You will be sent an email from Screen 7 and Trepstar if there is a problem delivering your item, we aim to rectify these issues within 7 days.

    Refund/Return Policy.
    All refund requests are dealt with on a case by case basis. We aim to resolve any refund, returns or cancellation issues within 7 working days. If you would like to quickly resolve a refund, return or other issue the first step is to Contact us via the online form in "Support" on this website.

    Customer Service Policy
    We aim to read & respond to all customer emails within 48 hours, but can take up to five business days as we look into your issue. We have a very small customer service team but aim to resolve issues within 7 business days.

    Let's Play/Monetized Videos
    We are happy for you to make Let's Play videos of our games. You do not need to ask for permission. However - if you wish to monetize these videos of our games we ask that you include a link to the game's Steam store page and/or official website. Thank you!

  • The Cat Lady - Trailer

    The Cat Lady - Gameplay

    Back to premier games
  • Suggested Ratings

    We include a suggested rating with each game. Please keep children safe and make sure they are not subjected to adult material in video games. Our ratings recommend a suitable age from which to play our games.

    Does not contain any harmful material of any kind. It's family fun!

    May contain light elements of horror or peril. Not suitable for young children.

    May contain infrequent mild bad language and infrequent mild violence. Teens+

    May contain infrequent strong language, sex or drug references and moderate violence. Not for kids!

    May contain frequent strong language, frequent violence, drug references, sex & nudity. Adults only!
  • Press & Latest Press Releases

    Don't forget we post official announcements on Facebook and Twitter & our trailers on YouTube.
    Press enquiries can be made to, we can help you with additional assets etc.

    10 Jan 2015 - The Cat Lady has been updated on Steam

    Screen 7 have recently added Italian subtitles to The Cat Lady on Steam and made some other minor fixes. Screen 7 has also included the soundtrack via the Library > Music section on Steam.

    Other languages are to be added in the coming weeks, and at a later date an update for the DRM-free version 1.4 will be released, so that everyone can enjoy these translations written kindly by fans. More information will be posted here on the Press Release page when the update becomes available for DRM-free owners. Full details of the announcement & update can be found on the Steam site here.

    7 Nov 2014 - The Apotheosis Project: Available now!

    Screen 7 are pleased to present today the latest game by Midian Design titled The Apotheosis Project. This science fiction point & click adventure features an English voice cast, the first time voices have been used in a Midian Design game. Players will embark on a mysterious journey when two agents are kidnapped and soon find they are being controlled and influenced by their agency, but for what purpose?

    Midian Design is a small Italian developer who has previously released titles including Doc Apocalypse, Quantumnauts and Oddisea amongst others. Screen 7 have recently partnered with Midian Design to help re-release the older games with new voices. The Apotheosis Project is a new and original game for 2014, not previously released - and stars Jesse Gunn, Donna Preston and Lynsey Frost.

    The Apotheosis Project is the latest addition to the Screen 7 budget games range. Our budget games are all under £5. The game is available directly DRM-free from the official website. It is also available at Desura and FireFlower Games. The Apotheosis Project also has a Steam Greenlight entry. Customers can purchase a special deal (called "Special Agent") from the official website in which they will be able to redeem a Steam key if it is Greenlit.

    Trailer (Download) | Art assets (Download)

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