AdventureX is the point & click adventure game event where you can see classic adventure games in production & meet the people who make them. Whether you're a fan of point & click adventures, if you're a developer or just someone who is curious - come and join us at AdventureX and find out more about this vibrant computer game scene!

Next show is in 2012

The show is for all adventure game fans, it is not restricted to point and click adventures. So if you're a text adventure maniac, a hidden object detective or love a little big adventure - come along! Also - submit your own game!

Above all it's a place for people who enjoy computer games and those who design and work on them. Learn from heros of game design and meet the upcoming ones, try out new ones and be inspired to give game design a go!

"The event was a fine reminder that PC gaming doesn’t need million dollar budgets, showy marketing campaigns or massive launch parties" - The Reticule

The first official AdventureX event is taking place in Didcot, UK and is easily reached by train and car. For full details on how much it costs check out the tickets page and for details on how to reach the event look at the map page.

We've got numerous developers turning up - people who make commercial adventure games and people who make free ones. There will be Q+A sessions and tutorials, plus plenty of laptops showcasing many games in production. We also have a bar and other fun things to do. To find out just who is coming and what games you can see, check the exhibits page!

"I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I highly recommend anyone who’s interested in games either for fun or with the intent of designing." - Will, Cubed Gamers

AdventureX details of the next event will appear on this website in due course, including date and location and a whole new line-up of games, exhibitors and other funky things!

Clips from Sat 17th Dec 2011:

"A welcome opportunity to catch the developers in a relaxed environment, with little or no pretension involved" - Adventure Gamers

Latest News

Jan 1st 2012: The show is over, thank you to everyone who helped & came along - see you later in 2012!

Photo 1 15.11.2011

The first AdventureX is a success, with roughly 50 visitors, THANK YOU!

Photo 2 09.10.2011

Discworld Noir designer Chris Bateman gives world first speech at AdventureX!

Phil Harper noticed something strange about the venue...