The Gruesome Game

A Night at Camp Ravenwood is a horror-dramedy point-and-click adventure game inspired by the works of Ron Gilbert, Shigesato Itoi, Tim Schafer, John Carpenter, Kazuma Kaneko, Dario Argento, and Junji Ito.

The idea behind the game is to set the player in a world that is a mix of horror like Friday the 13th and Phenomena, adventure like Monkey Island and Earthbound, and comedy like Little Rascals and Abbott and Costello. My highest goal, though, is really to make a game that can scare you senseless, make you laugh, and be an adventure to remember.


The Scary Story

Deep within Ravenwood Forest lies Camp Ravenwood, a dangerous, dirty camp for delinquents, owned by vampires, and run by Switchblade and his cruel and unusual biker gang. By day, the campers are left to activities such as fishing, football, and swimming, but by night, the camp becomes a place where death is around every corner. A headless maniac with an axe stalks the camp, there are aliens and monsters lurking in the woods, and jocks and bikers riding around waiting for any chance they can get to beat you to a pulp.

Enter Smoky Bumblerose, Germy Bumblerose, Benny Berkybile, Clancy Swindler, and Franky Flynnigan, five ex-scouts accused of starting forest fires. They must use all of their wits to survive A Night at Camp Ravenwood, but just when things become too dire, help comes in the form of a mysterious witch named Barbara and a troupe of Girl Scouts led by one pissed-off mother.


The Horrified Heroes

Smoky BumbleroseSmoky Bumblerose

A boy with an overactive imagination whose favorite pastimes are daydreaming and telling a good yarn. Murphy's Law follows him everywhere. He's not as smart as Benny or as brave as Frankie, but he always gets pushed into situations requiring enormous wit and bravery. His snarky and insulting sense of humor gets him and his friends into constant trouble.

Germy BumbleroseGermy Bumblerose

An amoral, mischievous lunkhead with no sense of danger. Keep him away from anything flammable or sharp and in the name of all that is good and decent don't let him near the candy and caffeinated drinks! Or do. His brother has to keep a constant eye on him to keep him from getting himself killed.

Franky FlynniganFranky Flynnigan

A tough Irish punk who fights first and never asks questions later, because you're too busy swallowing your own teeth to answer any. He's brave to the point of bring stupid, and would probably fight the devil himself head on and win. He's the oldest member of his troupe, and he has a huge soft spot for girls.

Benny BerkybileBerky Berkybile

A stuttering coward with a runny nose that shrieks at the first sign of danger. He screams. His nose shrieks. While not the best character for any adventurous situations requiring bravery in the face of death, he is the smartest character. He gets picked on daily in class for being the only person in his school to ever faint at the sight of his own shadow. Ironically, due to his fast legs, he's also the only character who is almost unkillable.

Clancy SwindlerClancy Swindler

A reckless, irritating troublemaker and a bully, Clancy has no real friends and doesn't respect anybody but himself and his Dad's belt. He loves pulling pranks and belittling others to make himself feel better. Unfortunately, he's also just a little too quick on his feet to be taken down easily. He has an uncanny ability to spot the one thing in someone that can just completely offend and insult them.

B.B. B.B. "Bitchy Barbara" Carpenter

Bitchy Barbara lives up to her name in every way imaginable. She has a bad attitude, a punk look, a mean streak, a short temper, and a cruel sense of humor. Barb is a prickly character, and a boy-hater, but she knows more about what's going on at Camp Ravenwood than any of the other main characters. Gaining her respect is key to survival, as she's quite the adept witch. She'll happily break you if you get on her bad side, or turn you into a frog.








The game is not yet available, but is slated for a release in 2013. Not to worry, the game will be finished no matter what.



July 28th, 2012

Ravenwood has a new website. Browse around, get to know the main characters, check out the screenshots, view the teaser trailer, and spread the word!