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Kinky Island is a comedy point & click adventure for Windows. Joey Cormack is having trouble meeting the right girl, but one strange night will leave him on a beautiful tropical island filled to the brim with hot chicks!

Help him discover the secret of Kinky Island and put all he's learnt to good use. That is, if he can stop getting distracted & quit daydreaming for any length of time... (probably not!)

Written, designed & coded by Mark Lovegrove with excellent animation by Luke Rideout and lovely backgrounds by Micheal Cross, you'll be sucked into the world of a retro point and click adventure with tans, twists & turns galore! Why not try out the new Tech Demo?

This game is not recommended for under 18's


Over 30 rooms to explore
Fully animated characters
Hand-drawn backgrounds
Original music in various formats
Humor, nudity & many puzzles

PC with Microsoft Windows
XP or higher recommended
100mb hard disk space
Audio hardware
Compatible mouse

Languages: English, subtitled translations to be confirmed