Kinky Island is still in production. However, it is now possible for kind backers of the 2012 IndieGoGo campaign to reclaim their pledges. We are paying back supporters as development of the game remains stinted and troubled (not even money can solve it!).

We set up several different projects around the same time, including Screen 7 as a business, AdventureX event, Kinky Island campaign and other non-game related things. Most of them panned out nicely, even Kinky Island has seen some great leaps in its development in that time, but to this day remains the one project that continues to lag behind the rest. There's no denying it suffers from "development hell", for a number of reasons.

Things change, people change, tastes change. This project is NOT cancelled but it is more of a challenge than it has ever been. What may have been funny and relevant in 2001 when this project was thought up, doesn't necessarily stand as strong 17 years later. It is a nice game, but it has had to evolve and "grow up" along the way. You can read more insights on the IndieGoGo campaign page with more to follow.

None of the backer perks/rewards will be affected. Everyone who backed the game will get a copy of the game on its completion (all tiers). Higher tiers will still get thank you credits and be invited to beta test the game. We still hope to start testing in 2018. The tier which included a character based on your likeness is also unaffected, as the characters have been drawn already and feature in the game.

Thankfully, mild success through publishing The Cat Lady has allowed us to build up a studio budget which gives us the chance to repay Kinky Island backers and fund the game at the same time. Most backers pledged between $10 and $100 dollars and helped raise $2,592 at the time. We will be sending out an email to the registered email addresses of the IndieGoGo campaign backers who can reply personally or use a form to reclaim their pledge. This email should reach you in May. We'd appreciate notice from you before the end of 2018, however this offer remains open through to release.

Alternatively, you can email us at screen7help >at< to request your repayment! We may need to confirm your IndieGoGo pledge.

Kinky Island is very much still on our roster and will be available on Steam and DRM-free in due course. Thanks for your patience & understanding!

For the Kinky Island game page, continue to the Screen 7 website.