About the game

An island full of mystery, intrigue and babes - the kind of adventure Joey is talking about in 1999! It's the turn of the century. Point & clicks are being smothered by 3D graphics. The Matrix just came out. Britney Spears is getting huge. Life is sweet for some, but Joey has a lot on his mind, and on one rainy London night - it's all about to come together...

Thought up as a joke in 2001, Kinky Island was a personal project of designer Mark Lovegrove. From 2003 to 2006 Mark worked slowly on a demo version which came to light in 2006, but did not see a forseeable future for the game.

However, a few years later talented artist Luke Rideout joined the team and wanted to take the game to the next level. From 2010 they began reworking the game and designing the full game. Mark had most of the story written by this point, but during 2012 it has been tweaked & finished.


With new members brought in during this time to help work on backgrounds and coding, it became clear that finally a full production would soon see the light of day. In 2012 a crowd-source funding project began to ensure Kinky Island would be fully written, drawn and coded for 2013.

Inspired by classic adventure games such as Flight of the Amazon Queen, Fate of Atlantis and of course the Monkey Island series - the game parodies classic 90's adventuring with slapstick, jokes & references.

About the team

Mark Lovegrove (writer) is known for music work on Trilby's Notes, Nelly Cootalot: Spoonbeaks Ahoy and other freeware AGS games. He is lead designer & writer.

Luke Rideout (character artist) is a skilled pixel artist and animator & developer of Kuma Story. He works professionally in the games industry!

Micheal Cross (backgrounds) is known for his artwork for anticipated horror point & click A Night At Camp Ravenwood.

Also thanks to James Spanos, an experienced AGS coder for his help with certain modules used in the game.

Special thanks

To all those who have supported the project including... Vincent Ecuyer, Charles Spence, Geoff Hawthorne, Peder Johnsen, James Prior, Tom Simpson, Jared Hansen, Stuart Moore, Andrew Gibbons, Daniel Mclaughlan, Michael Stein, Mitchell Shelton, Harald, Konstantinos, Zak Chase, Tomi Kahkonen and many others who have asked to remain anonymous. Because this is a videogame about sex.