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The Cat Lady
Main Title

The Cat Lady (2012)

The Cat Lady is a dark & mysterious horror adventure game by R. Michalski. A gripping story, pumping soundtrack, high-resolution artwork and voice acting will engross you on your journey through the strange and often terrifying world of The Cat Lady. Since its release in 2012, this tale of Susan Ashworth has captured the imagination of many. Some versions of the game come with many additional languages.


Windows PC. Can also be played on Mac using Crossover 12.0 on a Macbook Pro with OS X 10.8.2 - View details

  Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
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CAT LADY GOSSIP * Jul 14th 2017: DVD-Roms and the CD album are available again! * 1st July 2017: DRM-Free & Steam copies updated to version 1.5

"It's so good that it single-handedly breathes fresh life into adventure games and shows that mature storytelling with an artistic presentation is not dead. 10/10" - Future

Website music is "Good Lord Knows That I'm Greedy" by & courtesy of Warmer.
Buy additional music from the game: Warmer and 5iah

Susan Ashworth, known in her neighbourhood as the crazy Cat Lady, is a lonely 40-year old on the verge of suicide. She has no family, no friends and no hope for a better future.

"The Cat Lady is the finest horror adventure I've ever played. In fact, it's one of the finest adventure games I've ever played, period. A+" - Just Adventure

One day she discovers that five strangers will come along and change everything... But those five, "The Parasites", are also the most ruthless, deranged and cold-blooded bunch of psychopaths the city has ever known. They will stop at nothing to hurt Susan. Unless, she hurts them first...

"A horror story that should be enjoyed for years to come" - Link Dead Gaming

Susan's few weeks journey doesn't take her across the world and won't turn her into a hero. She has little faith in others and hardly even cares about herself. She can't fight and has never fired a gun in her life.

"Susan's character, due in part to some spectacular voice acting by Lynsey Frost, is a remarkably mysterious figure." - The Reticule

But she's hanging onto that thin thread of hope, that in the end, as promised, there's an elusive reward waiting for her. Something worth trying for. Something that'll help her find an unlikely friend. Something that'll give her life a purpose...

"Amazing story that maturely delves into raw human emotion. 4.5/5" - Adventure Gamers

Susan's journey takes her on a rollercoaster ride between the world of the living and the world of the dead, where the only way to survive is to overcome her biggest weakness: her own self.

"This is one of last year's best games, regardless of genre or platform. 9.5/10" - Alternative Magazine Online

Suitable only for players aged 18 and over
Contains flashing imagery, violence, nudity & bad language.


A game by Harvester Games
Written & programmed by Remigiusz Michalski
Soundtrack composed by MICAMIC (Michal Michalski)
Additional music by Richard Henley & Pal Hjornevik
Featuring songs by Tears of Mars, Warmer & Josiah Orsie
Interface programming by James Spanos
Voice casting by Mark Lovegrove
Voice talent includes Lynsey Frost, David Firth, Klemens Koehring, Emily Wilden, Brittany Williams, Margaret Cowen, Bryarly Bishop, Jesse Gunn, Marianne Miller, Alex Sinclair, Jodyanne Richardson, Noran Kojan, Rob McManus, Miranda Evans, Dave Seaman, Jessie Stewart, Pete Bucknall, Simon Loveridge, David Masterson, Mark Lovegrove, Remigiusz Michalski


DVD & CD design Mark Lovegrove
DVD & CD printing courtesy Trepstar Inc., USA

With thanks to Jess Yarnold, Hannah Mercer, Chris Jones (AGS)
Produced in association with Screen 7

Copyright © 2012 Harvester Games

> High resolution artwork > Microsoft Windows with DirectX 9
> English voice acting > Support for 800x600 resolution
> Full original soundtrack > 1.4gb HDD space
> Over 5 hours gameplay > Soundcard
> Gripping psychological storyline > Keyboard
* Harvester Games website coming soon! * Why not download and try the demo?

Downfall (2016)

Sept 2015 - We are currently updating our product list
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DRM-free version now includes French, German & Spanish subtitles. Older version see updates!
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Get the game on DVD-rom as part of a deal or on its own.
1 disc set: DVD case, The Cat Lady (version 1.4), digital OST.
5 disc set: NEW! (Collector's Edition) DVD case, The Cat Lady [2012] (version 1.4), bonus extras, digital OST, CD audio OST, Downfall [2009] (version 1.4), digital OST, CD audio OST.

And don't forget to buy your copy of The Cat Lady Album featuring music by Warmer & 5iah!

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Devil Came Throug Here

Frequently asked questions:
1. What version of Windows do I need?
XP, Win 7 or Vista. Please test the demo!
2. How do I save my game?
In-game, press ESCAPE to show the menu.
3. Where are my Save games?
XP: My Documents\My Saved Games\Cat Lady or
Win7: C:\Users\[username]\Saved Games\Cat Lady
4. I used all my save game slots!
Delete some files in your Saved games folder (above).
5. Will there be a Mac version?
No Mac port currently planned. Game can be played
using Crossover (see Details page)

6. Where do I find the music?
See 'CD Soundtracks' and 'Details' pages for info.
Known Issues & Errors:
Screen Tearing/Slow Motion/Lag
Open winsetup.exe, click 'Advanced' button, up RAM limit
to 100mb and 'Save' or 'Save and Run'.

Screen goes blank in Chapter 4
Unzip THIS savegame (for Ver 1.2) to folder in FAQ 3 & 4.
Download does not complete
Please try downloading using Free Download Manager(.org).
Installation file does not load
We are looking into this issue. Always "Run as administrator"
What if I have another question/problem?
You should contact us using the form below, or click on the
Facebook and Twitter buttons below to get in touch with the
developers & publishers directly!
Due to the volume of emails we may not
always respond. Feel free to message again.

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Lorelai (2018)

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Try the short demo, you'll need DirectX 9 and 900mb HDD space. The download is 310mb, after a short installation process you'll be ready to play!

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Requires: Windows XP/Vista/7, DirectX 9, 800x600 min resolution, 900mb HD space, Soundcard, keyboard

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Player comments

"If you are looking for a shallow, quick play this game is not for you. However if you are looking for a lasting experience that will most likely keep you thinking long after you have finished the game, then you've spent your money wisely and will not be disappointed." - Rob M, player

"The controlls are very easy to master, the characters are lovely, as is the voice acting." - Felicia, player

"Good puzzles. Great story, great characters, great theme: depression, suicide, and coping with the good and bad of life." - William S

"I just played the demo and found myself unexpectedly disturbed by the lady in the chair - good stuff!" - Chris P

"Just wanted to congratulate your company on a job well done. I have played more games in my lifetime then I can remember and have to say The Cat Lady is easily one of the best. The story is gripping and the visuals are absolutely frightening." - David S

"The music on The Cat Lady is beautiful. Also, the story of your game is fantastic and really speaks to me. I admire what you've done, and I'm a real fan of the depth of emotion you've used." - Amy S

"Congratulations on on The Cat Lady, it's one of the most atmospheric and well written games I've ever played. I'm a big fan of your work." - Michael B

"Everybody I know says the best for Cat Lady!!!" - Naya P

"A friend and I are playing through this game together, and I'd like to say it's awesome. :D" - Michelle S

"The story telling made me almost cry how bad the world for Ms.Ashworth is and i like to see how you let her grow out of her misery and how she become the strong woman she has to be." - Ajay S

"Just wanted to say that your game "The Cat Lady" was so awesome, It would be awesome if you keep making games like this... The game taught me many things.. " - Angel G

"Absolutely brilliant and darkly beautiful, this is so much more than just a game, it's a highly emotional and deeply touching experience." - Stefan S

"The Cat Lady was one of the best games I've played ever. Very unique style, deep and emotional, addictive, with great storyline." - Lukasz K

"The Cat Lady is not just a game it is something more complex!" - Alex V

"Thank you for your time, and I positively loved the game! This is the second night in a row I've stayed up until 6AM playing it. Was a gas, and it was done amazingly well." - Brock B

"I must offer you compliments for the creation of this wonderfully unique and atmospheric game." - Justin

"I want to say, This game is ******* AWESOME!" - Ashley T

"The unfiltered portrayal of depression and suicide and all that a person goes through really helped me." Benjamin M

"I just want to tell you guys that game is great." - Sukwon C

Trusted suppliers

Be sure to purchase an official copy of the game from one of our trusted retailers or directly from this website. Please support the music artists & purchase the original soundtrack & albums by Warmer and 5iah. For more information or to become a trusted supplier please contact us!

Screen 7
Official publisher of The Cat Lady, get discounts, deals and special offers from us, customer support and future rewards!
A simple & easy installation of this application will enable you to play and store a wide variety of games like The Cat Lady!
FireFlower Games
New online reatiler for game downloads, and some free games to boot! Buy it there to support them and The Cat Lady.
Zodiac Store (Italy)
Currently selling the English version, but are working on an Italian version that will be sold exclusively from their shop.
Good Old Games (
Now available! A fantastic selection of games both old and new that now includes The Cat Lady, as their catalogue grows.
Play the game on Steam, with added ability to earn achievements. Thanks to our fans who voted for TCL's inclusion on Steam.
Phoenix Online Studios
Phoenix distribute a DRM-free version with Steam key included! Don't forget to check their own Cognition games!
Akella (Russia)
Akella have translated the game into Russian. Further information and to purchase see their page (in Russian only).
Just Adventure
Just Adventure have a selection of games including many of their highest rated - which includes The Cat Lady!
ShinyLoot offer a wide range of PC titles including The Cat Lady. Join, earn points, play more games at ShinyLoot!
IN PROGRESS. The game will be available from GamersGate in due course, we're finishing up the paperwork!
Get Games Go
IN PROGRESS. The game will be available from Get Games Go in due course, we're finishing up the paperwork!
Only the listed distributors (above) get full technical support & updates from the developers.

Did you know? You can buy the author's earlier game Downfall from us too:

Music from the game

MUSIC FROM THE VIDEO GAME This product is sold seperately.
Support the artists and grab yourself a fantastic special CD album of music from the video game!

Susan's disturbed journey features the powerful works of Warmer, who also plays Joe Davis in the game. Memorable tracks such as "Inside" and "In My Head It's Like Hell" ring out during key moments of Susan's tale. It's thanks to Josiah "5iah" Orsie that the haunting but uplifting "Forever" track is included from the End Credits. This special CD album features the uncut version of each track used, and two additional tracks from the trailers, including a full Tears Of Mars track. Your experience will be simply unforgetable with this haunting CD companion. Available now!

01. Space Cowboy Blues (03:56) Debut trailer
02. Noises She Makes In Their Bed (05:48) Main menu
03. Inside (03:31) Susan's arm
04. Storytelling (03:20) Susan's past
05. Don't You Worry Love (03:49) Doctor X stabs Susan
06. In My Head It's Like Hell (04:03) Susan's breakdown

07. The Will (05:13) The van
08. Two Stone Rings (02:46) Cat rescue
09. Good Lord Knows That I'm Greedy (05:04) Mitzi
10. What's The Whole World (04:07) Susan underwater
11. Forever (03:32) End credits
12. Sojourn (04:55) Release trailer
Total Runtime 50:10

Currently unavailable

ULTIMATE ORIGINAL VIDEO GAME SOUNDTRACK Included free (in OGG format) with DRM-free copy & DVD-roms
Over 70 minutes of original music by the composers available in digital format and as a bonus CD.

The Original Video Game Soundtrack has all of the in-game music composed by micAmic, who provide a thrilling and creepy score for the game. Now there's even more material to enjoy in the Ultimate OST. Including concept pieces for the game, soundscapes and unforgetable additional haunting tracks from the game by additional artists. CD audio version is not currently sold seperately.
CD 1
01. Harvester Games Logo
02. Don't Follow The Light
03. Hell Road
04. Tarnov's Butcher
05. Susan's Blue Sheep (alone again)
06. Plainwalker
07. Low Power
08. Zebras Are Coming
09. Crescendo
10. Lily of the Valley
11. Dime Ward
12. Scary Chime
13. Psycho
14. I Have Mouth But I Can't Scream
15. Seething
16. String
17. Sometimes
18. Autumn
19. One Foot on the Other Side
20. Devil Came Through Here
21. Decimal Crouch
22. Two Stone Rings

CD 2
23. We're All Dead Inside (so sit back & relax)
24. Open Your Eyes
25. Tainted Scratch
26. The Spider Heart
27. False Santa
28. Ultra filtered
29. The Storm Has Come (Again)
30. Dark Tunnels
31. Early Winter
32. Edge
33. Masked Murderer
34. Goat Dance
35. Soundtrack to an empty life
36. Fast Drive
37. Storytelling
38. Infamous Piano Punch (the Slender sound)
39. Piece By Piece (Bonus)
40. Untitled (Bonus)
41. Dronoa (Bonus)
42. Waves of Dupenschtortz (Bonus)
43. Broken Machine
44. Bleak
Total Runtime: 102 minutes

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