Mod's MIDI

Mark "Mods" Lovegrove writes MIDI music for computer games as a hobby. He is fond of point & click graphical adventures and has written music for many free AGS adventure games since 2000. Mods also helps produce soundtracks and more recently CD albums for other games. His inspirations include the classic musical scores of LucasArts adventures (by Michael Land) and his favorite film composers, Kamen, Silvestri, Williams and Elfman. Below are links to ZIP files of Mod's previously released soundtracks.

  • Free music for your projects MIDI+Mp3
    You may use any or all files from this folder for your own games, projects, videos etc free of charge.
    In return, it would be nice of you to credit the composer, Mark "Mods" Lovegrove - thank you!


  • Deep Hope MIDI 200kb
  • Time Stone MP3 15mb


  • Indiana Jones and the Passage of Saints MP3 28mb
  • Living Nightmare: Freedom MP3 25mb
  • Unga Needs Mumba MIDI+MP3+OGG 62mb


  • AGS Awards 2010 MIDI+MP3 4mb
  • Chance of The Dead MIDI 150kb
  • I Forgot... MIDI+MP3 17mb
  • Night Of The Testicle MIDI+MP3 47mb


  • Living Nightmare: Endless Dreams MIDI 100kb
  • Space Pool Alpha MIDI 100kb


  • Back Door Man MIDI 100kb
  • Danny Dread Is On Call MIDI 100kb
  • Indiana Jones and the Temple Of Spheres MP3 6mb


  • Little Girl In Underland MIDI
  • Murphy's Salvage MIDI 100kb
  • Pet Peeves MP3 11mb
  • Santa Claus Down MP3 15mb


  • Lif and the Treasure of the Tanones MP3 16mb
  • Nelly Cootalot: Spoonbeaks Ahoy! MIDI+MP3 2mb
  • Trilby's Notes, 6 Days A Sacrifice & Art Of Theft 2006-07, MIDI+MP3 7mb


  • Fountain of Youth (demo) MIDI 100kb
  • Kinky Island (demo) MIDI 100kb
  • Trilby's Notes (see 2007)


  • Alien Time Zone MIDI 100kb
  • Perils Of Poom (unreleased) MIDI 100kb


  • Perils Of Poom MIDI 100kb


  • Adventures of Fatman MIDI 200kb
  • The Perfect Murder (demo) MIDI 100kb


  • Reality on the Norm (see Assorted files)
  • Rodekill 2 (unreleased) MIDI 100kb
  • That Night Before: Part 4 MIDI 100kb


  • Larry Vales: Dead Girls Are Easy MIDI
  • Rob Blanc MIDI


  • Assorted soundtrack files MIDI

    Mods pesters Ron Gilbert in London

    "Thanks for listening! Mark L. Email

    PS: I really like these covers (below) people have made of my music, haha! Thanks :)"

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  • Cabadath's Song YouTube
  • Hauntsichord Remix YouTube