Projected episodes:

  • Local Myths & Leg-ends
  • 21st Century Hoax
  • Ancient Ass-tronauts
  • Crop Watch UK
  • Lil' Mysteries
  • TBC
  • Christmas Special

    SEASON 1


    Episode 1 (Pilot) October 2008
    We investigate some predictions of a mass UFO event said to occur in forthcoming days. We also look at local UFO news reports. Watch >>

    Episode 2 October 2008
    We look for answers about certain mysteries on Google Earth & question whether the USA is lining up for a state of UFO martial law. Watch >>

    Episode 3 November 2008
    We probe a video to see if it's the real deal and keep our eye on the sky as the seconds tick to the proposed mass UFO event! Watch >>

    Episode 4 January 2009
    We round up some of the latest UFO reports including the wind turbine incident in the UK, and also ask was Oct 14th worth the wait? Watch >>

    Episode 5 May 2009
    We explore the growing pressure for disclosure of extra-terrestrials from President Obama & we investigate the growing concerns over 2012. Watch >>

    Episode 6 June 2009
    We marvel at some of the latest crop circle designs & speculate over the dissapearence of Flight 447. We also check the radar! Watch >>

    Episode 7 December 2009
    A look at the Norway spiral mystery, also impacts on Jupiter & Venus plus lots more in this Christmas special & final episode of season 1! Watch >>


    Avebury mini-report March 2015
    We pay a quick visit to Avebury, heart of crop circle county in Wiltshire, UK to have a look at some big rocks & empty fields. Watch >>

    UFO Watch will return Nov 2014
    A quick promo for a new season combined with a little bit of UFO-hunting and speculation, as I test new gear & get ready! Watch >>

    Unreleased shows Jul 2013
    Some silly clips from a couple of episodes that were never fully made in 2011 & 2012. Contains very strong language! Watch >>