UFO Watch UK is written & hosted by Mark Lovegrove, who has believed in the supernatural & extra-terrestrials since a young age. In more recent years he has seen many UFOs that defy explanation & has since started this show to try & raise the awareness & awesomeness of this phenomena in a light hearted manner. The truth is out there!

"Just about any strange floating light or object in the sky could be classed as a UFO, but when you start to see objects & lights that defy the laws of physics & even shape-shift in the air - you start to realise there is more going on out there than we have ever been led to believe."

"We're a smart people now - in some respects at least! Granted, that to look at us from a distance may suggest we are universally quite dumb - but none the less we now have thousands of videos of extra-terrestrial probes, ships & signs. The time has come to stop doubting, and start looking!"

"Now it's time to get the powers that be on our side over this matter. Do they know something, or are they actually naive to it like millions of people around the world? Is this something we have control of whether it's being kept under-wraps, or could we really be in some serious shit? These are all questions that we & others all hope to get and explore in UFO Watch UK."

"If you've seen something, or if you haven't - stay curious and watch the show. I'll introduce you to some of the best evidence we have for the existence of extra-terrestrials, and if you still don't believe us, it doesn't take much to go see it for yourself."

The show is currently no-budget & filmed in South Oxfordshire. By season 2 we hope to have transport abilities and bring you stories from all across the UK. If you'd like to help build the budget for our little show, why not donate? Click the donate button below!


  • Winter 2010 - South Oxfordshire
    No video. Several unlit egg-shaped objects passed overhead very quickly from North to South. Possibly seen in many IR videos, 5 or 6 orbs moving together. Unexplained

  • 3rd May 2009 - South Oxfordshire
    On video. Glowing orange ball seen moving in a Northerly direction from the East. Silent, appeared to come closer before dissapearing behind trees. Was visible for roughly 10 minutes. Unexplained

  • 2nd November 2008 - South Oxfordshire
    On video. Glowing orange ball seen moving in a Westerly direction from the East. Silent, passed over head in straight, smooth line. Was visible for roughly 3 minutes. Unexplained

  • Summer 2008 - Oxford
    No video. Strange green object passed directly over-head at 11:59pm but was only seen for a split second. Same night more than 300 sightings were reported UK-wide. Unexplained

  • Summer 2007 - South Oxfordshire
    No video. Bright light seen passing directly East to West over head at exceptional speed. Silent, unearthly feel about it. Was visible for no more than 10 seconds. Unexplained

  • Spring 2007 - South Oxfordshire
    Some video. Strangest experience yet. Bright blue light sitting high in North West. At much higher altitude to that a star like object is moving in 2 pence sized circle in the sky, then stops circling & begins to move up & down at tremendous speed, pulling tremendous stops. Lights eventually dissapear behind massive cloud. Both visible for an hour. Unexplained, but out of this world!

  • 2005 - Date unknown - South Oxfordshire
    No video. Bright light seen passing directly South to North over head at exceptional speed. Silent, observed moving from South horizon to North horizon whilst passing over head at extremely high altitude. Visible for no more than 5 or 6 seconds. Unexplained

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