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Welcome to Triassic Zoo, the world's third-first dinosaur theme park! We've exhibits, sights and sounds to boggle the mind! Visit Isla Fubar for your chance to come up close to living, breathing dinosaurs! Our experienced team are on hand at all times to make sure your visit is smooth and enjoyable. And with over 3 metric miles of top of the range barbed wire fence, you can rest assured safety and security at Triassic Zoo is paramount! Universal, even.

NEW FOR 2021! We have installed a new statue to commemorate park founder and dinosaur enthusiast Uncle Attleburgh! And introducing our new roller coaster ride - Dynamitus Tex! Please note adverse weather may affect rides and attractions operating times.

Join us at Triassic Zoo and experience over 6 unique dinosaurs, more than 4 thrill rides and other guest favourites like the Triassic Tour (featuring the voice of Bill Whittle, no expense spared), the soaring Cretaceous Cable Car and world-famous Public Toilets 3. For more information and to book your tickets why not Plan Your Visit today?

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Triassic Zoo

Treasure Islands (a tale from Triassic Zoo)
is a budget Windows PC adventure game
by Screen 7