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Buck Tyranosaurus Rex
Big Buck is our most popular dinosaur at Triassic Zoo. Hear him roar, see him roam and eat. This mighty beast brings fear to many but a sense of relief for others, as he sits at the top of the Triassic Zoo food chain! Buck was introduced in 2009 and has continued to thrill guests for many years. Fun fact: Buck creates 48 metric tonnes of prehistoric poop every year!

Slasher Velociraptor
Without a doubt the meanest dinosaur on the island, Slasher is a guest favorite for he is very territorial and aggressive. Attempts to tame Slasher have failed and along with his friend Jaws, remains the alpha of the velociraptors on Isla Fubar. If his screech doesn't scare you, his sharp teeth will! Did you know? Slasher is actually from the cretaceous period.

Big Ben Brachiosaurus
This gentle giant and oldest dinosaur on the island has awed and inspired visitors since time began! Whether he is idling, grazing or walking, it's hard not to appreciate the majesty of his long neck and large size. We offer special photo opportunities alongside Big Ben so be sure to book your one-of-a-kind photo shoot with your ticket!

Annie Ankylosaurus
Annie is famed for being one of the largest ankylosaurus ever bred. She exceeded known measurements and for this reason has been a popular addition for visitors. Although Annie enjoys the limelight her younger sibling, Alberto, is much more timid. Once you've said hello to Annie, can you spot Alberto hiding away? Fun fact: Ankylosaurus were discovered in N. America.

Trikey Triceratops (skeleton)
Trikey was the first dinosaur ever to appear at Triassic Zoo. Although he has long since passed, you can still see him on display in the Visitor Center. Trikey lives on in his offspring, Trinity and Telemachus. Like Trikey himself, they are curious and friendly and will want to see you in person as much as you will want to see them!

Some dinosaurs may be hard to spot or hidden behind bushes/trees. We recommend bringing binoculars. We also have our own unique brand of binoculars (RRP 49.99) which can be purchased at the zoo or as part of your pre-paid package!

KLAYTON'S FURY @ TRIASSIC ZOO. Want to know more about how dinosaurs were dug up and turned into theme park attractions? A unique underground tour to compliment your visit, see dinosaur fossils and methods of their extraction in an old mine. But be warned, something is lurking in the shadows! Only the bravest visitors should attend this interactive exhibit... Featuring state of the art animatronics by Animatronica D.U.H.

We regret to inform you that KLAYTON'S FURY is temporarily closed
for the 2021 season due to engineering works.

Disclaimer: Triassic Zoo cannot be held responsible for rogue animatronics.

"Slasher nearly slashed my face off, awesome!" - Mr T. Littleworth, Canada

"The staff in Sam's Saloon are friendly, the food, burger and chips, was wonderful!" - Mr. F. Corvega, Mexico

"I was especially impressed with the view from the Getting High Hide." - Miss M. Wallace, Portsmouth

Please do not feed the dinosaurs! They will be more interested to bite your meaty arm or face.

Triassic Zoo

Treasure Islands (a tale from Triassic Zoo)
is a budget Windows PC adventure game
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