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Your journey to the island couldn't be simpler! Book with us and you'll have a place aboard the MS Miracle and up to 3 nights accomodation in the luxurious wild west themed hotel! Bring a rain-coat, some spare socks and some shaving cream, then use the Triassic Tram to travel between the Dock, Hotel and Park Entrance - free of charge!

Call our agent today to secure your visit to Triassic Zoo! Prices start from 499.99 pp.

Additional charges may apply to some rides and attractions.

Don't forget to visit our Gift Shop where you can enjoy a selection of fantastic gifts including but not limited to, Triassic Zoo plastic beaker, Triassic Zoo pencil, T51-b Power Armor, Triassic Zoo fridge magnet, Triassic Zoo paper-weight and Triassic Zoo themed toilet paper.

EAT AND DRINK @ TRIASSIC ZOO. Visit one of our many Sam's Saloons for meals, drinks and live entertainment or why not check in on some of our premiere vending machines, offering fizzy pop, chocolate and crisps at many locations. Need time to unwind? Kids can enjoy the Dino Roars Club which offers activities and games, daily at 10 and 2!

Parents are reminded that we have a strict No Child Riding Dinosaurs policy at Triassic Zoo.

"Triassic Zoo was a thrilling vacation, I saw a dinosaur and a dino saw me." - Mr J. Fench, England

"The staff and security at Triassic Zoo are excellent." - Mrs N.E. Body, Alabama

"The kids had a great time, and I really enjoyed the roller coaster!" - Mrs L. Cheung, China

"A 2 night break was not nearly enough. We will be back for more in the future!" - The McFly Family, California

Please do not enter a dinosaur enclosure without authorisation at any time.

Triassic Zoo

Treasure Islands (a tale from Triassic Zoo)
is a budget Windows PC adventure game
by Screen 7