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World of Tales


Having trouble starting or playing the game? You may want to read the manual that comes included with each copy, or try one of our suggestions below. You can also get help from other players on the Steam discussion board!

Setup The Game


Use the Start Menu > Programs > Screen 7 shortcut or open "Winsetup.exe" from the installation folder. On Steam, access it from the Steam menu. You can set graphics & sound options here.


Troubleshooting Guide


You may need to adjust the settings if you have sound or graphics issues. In most cases, trying different settings will fix your problem. But if you continue to have problems, please see our full troubleshooting guide.


Refunds + Policy


By purchasing and downloading this software you agree to our policy.

Most refunds are handled directly by our distributors. Where possible we aim to resolve any other issues within 7 working days.


Need More Help?


Try the Steam forum!

If you still have technical problems or need support for other reasons, please contact us.

We aim to respond within 14 days.


Hints & Tips

  • To progress, you will sometimes need to combine items in your inventory! Click the 1st then the 2nd to combine.
  • You will also need to move items from one book to another using a Magic Bag. Click the item & drop it on the bag.
  • Merlin has additional hints and tips for you! Be sure to talk to characters as what they say may hold clues!

    More support & games available at: Screen7.co.uk